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Learn more about Liquid Wraps

A "liquid wrap" is a layer over your paint that protects your clear coat or gives you a different color paint. It's sprayed onto your car like paint, but can be peeled off by hand. They are 100% safe, easily to remove and can last up to several years! Liquid wrapping is the best thing you can do for your car's paint. Liquid wrap is sometimes refereed to as plasti dip or plasti coat. They also protect your paint from rock chips, road debris, fading and bugs drying into your paint.

Peelable paint protects your car

Peelable paint is a revolutionary way to wrap your car, protect your paint and give you options when it comes to colors. Peelable paint came about as an alternative to vinyl wraps because the quality of vinyl wraps isn't as great as you'd like and peelable paint solves that problem.

Removable Coating and Zero Residue

Another great thing is that once it's time to change out your cars wrap after a couple of years you can peel it off with no residue left over and wrap your car again to keep it protected.

Plasti Dip and Liquid Wrap Colors

Liquid wraps are sprayed on your car very similar to how your car is painted in the factory. You can can get different colors and finishes, including flat matte, gloss and pearls. You can also choose a clear coat to protect your paint if you don't want any other colors. Once the wrap is sprayed on and dries your car is ready to go. The best part is the liquid wrap protects your car from rock chips, bugs, dirt, grease, fading and any other road debris that happens throughout the course of driving.

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